The Lineage of Being Female

Sometimes when you travel your insides are suddenly on the outside. It can happen in a instant and surprise you by how quickly it comes over you.

We were walking up the narrow steps of a temple on a hill in the countryside near Hpa-An when a Burmese woman coming down stopped and took Nerys’ wrist in her hand. She looked at her closely, but kindly. Then she did the same to Sabine. The girls stood while she held their wrists. Then she turned to me and held my wrist too without speaking, just with kindness. I felt the connection of one mother to another and a transfer of the universal feeling of having daughters and everything you do for them, experiencing the world through the lineage of being female.

I felt emotional and did not linger, lest I have to explain why some stranger holding my wrist was bringing tears. I held her wrist briefly in return, then scurried up the stairs.

Connecting with someone from a different culture is like drinking from a well of sweet water. You feel something about what it is to be human in this very big world of ours.