Dinner is Where It’s At

Sometimes I think there is no greater accomplishment than cooking dinner for your family. That that is the pinnacle of achievement. Sure, performing hand surgery or investigating the speed of light, or devising new astounding apps or making presentations to roomfuls of CEOs or what you have is pretty impressive, but really where it’s at […]

Creating a Kinder Society

If we want to create a kinder society, we ourselves must act with kindness and respect. A kinder society is not created with unkind words. Opportunities come in many disguises. If we don’t agree with someone’s opinions, can we use it as a way to listen and create what could be real dialogue? Find out […]

Can You be a Mentor?

Where can you be a mentor to a child? Not a long-term mentor, but a-short-term-here-we-find-ourselves-together-for-ten-minutes-mentor. What can you show them – either by your actions or words – that can guide them, or teach them how to do something, or simply nourish them with kind words? What can you show them about the world of […]

Three Rules to Live By

I was on a Vipassana meditation course last month, sharing a bathroom with thirty strangers during ten days of silence. I noticed that sometimes the toilet roll would be changed when it was empty and sometimes it wouldn’t. There were no rules around this – it was simply some people were taking the initiative themselves […]