It’s Yours

This life may be difficult, puzzling, frustrating and completely confusing. But at the same time there is the sense that at least it’s my difficult, puzzling, frustrating and completely confusing life, wholly 100% mine. It is puzzling, there is no doubt about that. Yet there is a strong undercurrent of joy at the fact that […]

Seeking Only Pleasure

When you meet someone who seeks only pleasure, it stands out. Their diet may be full of treats – like sugar, salty flavours, and over-flavoured processed food. They may find it hard to exercise. They may like to watch hours of TV or spend their day surfing the Net. They may want to rush through jobs […]

Three Rules to Live By

I was on a Vipassana meditation course last month, sharing a bathroom with thirty strangers during ten days of silence. I noticed that sometimes the toilet roll would be changed when it was empty and sometimes it wouldn’t. There were no rules around this – it was simply some people were taking the initiative themselves […]