Dinner is Where It’s At

Sometimes I think there is no greater accomplishment than cooking dinner for your family. That that is the pinnacle of achievement. Sure, performing hand surgery or investigating the speed of light, or devising new astounding apps or making presentations to roomfuls of CEOs or what you have is pretty impressive, but really where it’s at […]

Foraging for Food

Today was our second day in Asia. We woke up at 6 am with the kids totally ravenous, but complaining vehemently about eating any more beef jerky. Personally I thought 6 packages of beef jerky, 20 Larabars and a tub of Cosco nuts was brilliant travel food, but they had other ideas. After repeated complaints and much […]

Stay Away from the Children’s Menu!

If your children can’t yet read, then be sure to never introduce them to the beast known as the Children’s Menu in restaurants. There they will meet food that is as dry and tasty as sandpaper and comes only in beige. Don’t be fooled by the lure of free crayons either. If they can read, then you […]

The Miracle of Food

From my son’s illness when he was three, I became pretty interested in food and health. I was always interested in health, but some of my ideas were a little off. I used to cook with no oil or fat, so that after dinner you would be totally famished within half an hour, and then it would […]