Stuff Foreigners Do

Foreigners in Thailand often behave strangely. Here are some of the things we do:

  • We walk through streets barefoot even though we can afford shoes.
  • We are fond of large tattoos on our arms and legs.
  • Our hair is sometimes uncombed and for some, matted, even though we are not beggars or crazy.
  • We wear bikinis on the main street while everyone else is clothed.
  • We like to lie on the beach and roast like pieces of toast.
  • Sometimes we take most of our clothes off while roasting.
  • We expect things to go according to plan and get upset when surprisingly they do not.
  • We like images of Buddha as tattoos or on t-shirts.
  • We dress up like gypsies with flowing robes.

These things appear perfectly normal when in our natural habitat in the West, but strangely peculiar when we wander further afield.