In the Land of Mazo

Once in awhile in Myanmar we’d see a monk smoking. It was a little incongrous to see someone wearing maroon robes with shaved head dragging on a cigarette. It seemed like it could be the opening scene in a really awful comedy, Monks Gone Bad.

Since apparently it’s fairly easy to enter monastic life, it also means that the flipside can be a few people who are in it for a perceived easier life than the rest of the population. But pretending to be interested in meditation or following 300+ rules about behavior must get to be a drag if your hearts not into it, no pun intended.

Then there was the monk who was very interested in Nerys’ Kindle. “Is that Mazo?” he asked me. “Mazo?” I had no idea what he meant. He repeated the word again. I shrugged it off as just another language hiccup. I gave him the Kindle and showed him a few features on it. Then he turned it over. Amazon it said on the back, and I realized that was what he meant. Mazo.