Dinner is Where It’s At

Sometimes I think there is no greater accomplishment than cooking dinner for your family. That that is the pinnacle of achievement. Sure, performing hand surgery or investigating the speed of light, or devising new astounding apps or making presentations to roomfuls of CEOs or what you have is pretty impressive, but really where it’s at is making a meal at dinnertime. And of course not just a meal from a package or can, but something involving actual chopping. For everyone who does that, whoah, you are really doing an amazing job and has anyone actually TOLD you exactly HOW amazing?

I didn’t always think this way. I used to be one of those who proclaimed I wished we could eat pills instead of food, you know, to save time. But life can have a funny way of beating you over the head with a different idea. Thus when Aaron was sick the stove literally became my best friend. I spent hours every day tending to it, stirring, sizzling, frying and of course burning stuff. I suffered from anxiety if I spent too long away from the stove, because then Aaron might have to eat something UNKNOWN …prepared by STRANGERS. It was kind of like having your brain invaded by someone else’s thoughts, but those thoughts became mine pretty quickly. I think the peak of it was when I showed up to meet a friend at Value Village with a container of freshly made liver paté. She herself was pretty amazing at cooking things up, but liver paté by the racks at Value Village was a new one for her. This wasn’t something I purposely set out to do. It was just that when you spend a huge amount of time married to the stove, you are going to have to entertain yourself somehow.

I’m glad to say I can now leave the house without panicking at how long it’s been since I saw my stove. And although my kid can now pretty much eat most things from time to time and come out of it unscathed, I still have a horror of buying anonymous packaged food prepared by Unknown Forces. And I still put Must-Make-Dinner ahead of many things that might be said to be of equal importance, such as Must-Make-A-Living.