A Poem for Christmas

May we know ourselves this Season That for everything there is a reason That within the darkness there is light Just as green buds follow winter night And so does life unfold before us Asking us to simply trust Nature’s rhythm is in our soul Dark and light to make us whole.    

Creating a Kinder Society

If we want to create a kinder society, we ourselves must act with kindness and respect. A kinder society is not created with unkind words. Opportunities come in many disguises. If we don’t agree with someone’s opinions, can we use it as a way to listen and create what could be real dialogue? Find out […]

Rudolf Steiner Rides Again

Anyone who looks anxiously and fearfully towards the future hinders his development, hampers the free unfolding of his soul-forces.  Nothing, indeed, obstructs this development more than fear and anxiety in the face of the unknown future.  But the results of submitting to the future can be judged only by experience.   What does this humbleness […]

Gratitude Take 2

To experience gratitude more fully as a constant force in your life, one slight tweak to your worldview may be all that’s needed. That tweak is to see yourself as having complete responsibility for your own life. Then you experience a deep sense that you are fully in charge of everything that comes your way – […]

Shining the Light

Do you have a child who shines a light on everything that needs healing within your family? I do. These children stretch us and challenge us in ways that are unimaginable when we first hold them in our arms. (For some though, it starts with the day they are born!) It can be very exhausting while […]