About PepperWriting

PepperWriting is where I write about spirituality, travel, children, healthful living, daily life and meditation.

What inspires me:
A vision of humanity where people truly live in harmony with themselves and each other.

How do we do that?
Through self-knowledge. Through self-knowledge we will begin to understand the fundamental tenets of the universe and how to walk that path – and to truly understand kindness, compassion, love and truth so that we can offer that to ourselves and to everyone.

Who Am I?

Short version:

I’ve been a freelance writer since 2000. I’m currently working on my first non-fiction book, a guide to healing your child from eczema, but it’s also the story of my spiritual journey through having a sick child.

If you want to heal yourself or your child from eczema naturally with no steroids, my upcoming book will tell you how – along with what I learned along the way from having a child who turned into a human crocodile with scales (and sometimes behaved like one).

I also edited the short story collection Tubers by Mark Jowett, cofounder of the music label Nettwerk Productions.

Long version:
My early years and aversion to baby goats.



My First Paid Writing Gig

My first paid writing work was winning a contest to write about your most horrible Vancouver weather experience, which appeared in Vancouver Magazine in an ad for clothing company Mark James. I also won the world’s largest umbrella – one that takes two hands to hold and may make you airborne in the next puff of wind. Here’s what I wrote for the ad:

Back East I was a sidewalk chalk artist. Tired of government cutbacks, I heard the call of the Pacific. I arrived in the fall of ’94, armed with only three things: hat, tool-box and chalk dreams.

The first day I drew the Sistine Chapel. I made fifty cents. Then it rained.

The second day I drew the Tower of Babel. I made sixty cents. Then it rained.

The third day I drew Noah’s Ark. I made thirty cents. Then it rained.

The fourth day I got a job decorating cakes for an Italian baker. Cakes have a longer shelf life.